4x26/6x23 → requested by kwinslets

5x08/6x09 → requested by kwinslets

Anonymous asked: Do you take requests!? If you do, I think it would be REALLY nice to see some gifs from the 19th episode of season 4: The Sceince in the Psysicist, from Vincent and Hodgins experiment with the frozen turkey. Especially where Vincist is al "Uhh, uhh uhhh!!"*pointing at Angela* after the turkey hit Angela :D It's a nice blog you have here :D

Yes! I’ll do this in a little bit and thank you :)

4x13 Fire in the Ice requested by → anonymous

Daisy crushing the skull in 4x08 the Skull in the Sculpture requested by anonymous


Anonymous asked: What episode is it where booth and brennen are talking and he tells her that "it ain't going to be easy to give up your heart." and then he holds her while she cries?

5x21 The Boy with the Answer :)

Brennan and Booth bathtub scenes in 3x15 → requested by anonymous